Thursday, November 06, 2003

Punkin Chunkin 2003

On November 1st and 2nd, the 2003 World Championship Punkin Chunkin was held in Millsboro, Delaware. Continuing my quest to become a true Delawarean, I was there. I still haven't tried scrapple, but I have now partaken in a great Delaware tradition, watching air cannons, catapults, sling shots, and trebouchets launch pumpkins thousands of feet. The county fair atmosphere mixed with beautiful weather made it an event to remember. My only complaint was the horrendous traffic, but I guess that's what happens when 30,000 people converge on a small town.

Second Amendment , an air cannon team from Michigan, won the event with a shot of 4,434.28 feet. Their shot broke the record of 4,109 feet set in 2000.

Check out the NewsJournal's chunkin coverage here.

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Here are some pics from our trip. The scale doesn't do them justice, however.

chunkr also

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