Sunday, October 05, 2003

Civil E-filing Steps Up in Delaware

Delaware's Superior Court and Chancery Court become a lot more wired tomorrow.

Delaware was one of the leaders in the country when it came to electronic filing of documents in civil cases. The State's Complex Litigation Automated Docket (CLAD) was the very first electronic filing and docketing system for civil cases in the U.S. The system was limited to a handful of complex civil cases, with large number of litigants.

CLAD used WordPerfect 5.1 as its file format of choice, and that remained the format until very recently. In the meantime, a number of other states have adopted electronic filing, and have leap frogged past Delaware's older system. The Wilmington News Journal takes a close look in their article, Court steps up e-filing.

Delaware's Superior Court starts accepting non-arbitration complaint filings tomorrow. Chancery Court will also be using this e-filing system. There are a couple of days left of the free online training scheduled for filing of electronic documents for Superior and Chancery Courts. Classes are free, online, and can be registered for online. They last approximately 90 minutes. More details here (pdf).

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