Tuesday, August 19, 2003

play ball

The sound of baseball has filled the air this summer. The field next to the Newark VFW hall is within earshot of the law office, and the evening sounds of the Star Spangled Banner frequently signify the start of some innings of ball.

When I was a little leaguer, we didn't have announcers reading our names off. The only ones who came to watch our games were our relatives, and they knew who we were. Baseball these days. The kids get announced as they approach home plate.

I've imagined cameras and play-by-play announcers would be next. I didn't anticipate that it would be this year that we would get to watch little league on TV in Delaware. I didn't foresee Delaware having a team in the Little League World Series.

I hope the cameras and all of the attention doesn't ruin the game for the kids. I also hope that they have a lot of fun, and wish them a lot of luck. Go Delaware.

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