Thursday, April 17, 2003

Google Page Rankings

As I learn more and more about how the internet works, and how people find my business on the web, I learn about Google page ranking. It strikes me as interesting that Google's own news page has the highest ranking, 10. I guess lots of people get their news from that page, huh? and get ratings of 9, while comes in at only a 6.

I wonder if my blog page rating will now drop. It has been fluctuating between 5 and 6.

I suppose they can do what they want, ay? They are a business, after all, not a social service or governmental agency. Here is a link to their regime bios. That page is rated 10 also. As is the page on how they decorate their corporate hallways and the location of the all-night doughnut shops nearest to their offices.... and it appears to me that every google page is rated at 10.

I wonder how much further down the road of integrating the web into our lives we will go before a legislature or judge determines that there should be an objective and unbiased search protocol? Would that be the end to the commercial search engines? Would that serve the increasing (and overwhelming) public interest in having a fair and open internet? Would that be an element of "interstate commerce"?

I used Google to research this blog entry.