Monday, December 03, 2001

Delaware Ranked 38th Out of Fifty in Health

The United Health Foundation ranks each of the fifty states in a number of categories to determine which states are the healthiest. While there may be some questions about the methodology of this ranking, Delaware doesn't do very well in most categories.


Overall Ranking 38


Prevalence of Smoking 23
Motor Vehicle Deaths 21
Violent Crime 44
Risk for Heart Disease 33
High School Graduation 37


Unemployment 29
Adequacy of Prenatal Care 37
Lack of Health Insurance 15
Support for Public Health Care 17

Occupational Safety and Disability

Occupational Fatalities 30
Limited Activity Days 43


Heart Disease 31
Cancer Cases 40
Infectious Disease 31


Total Mortality 34
Infant Mortality 47
Premature Death 33

Visit the for more details, and for a more comprehensive explaination of what the different categories mean, see the full report.

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