Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The President Shouldn't Travel

Really?  I thought one of our head of state's duties was to travel and meet other heads of state, and receive them here.  Sure, it would be great if that travel were free.  The truth is that travel for our head of state is expensive.  And it is necessary.

Recent media hoopla about it is just another example of the fraud that these political commentary and politicians are perpetrating upon the citizens of the United States.  To publish such absolute lies and propaganda goes beyond responsible commentary and is more like fraud.

I am not for or against a particular politician or candidate.  I am for honesty and integrity in our process, and for improving government.

There is a number of folks of various parties who make it their focus to negatively attack whoever and whatever decisions are made by our leaders.  Negativity for the sake of negativity is a form of that fraud.  I hope that most of us can see through the rhetoric.  Although, sometimes I wonder.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loud Commercials - Where can we turn?

I am frustrated on a daily basis with the lack of our government's responsiveness to the millions of physical assualt that are perpetrated upon us by loud commercial broadcasts over the television... broadcasts where the volume of the commercial is significantly louder than that of the programming.

The FCC, in true bureaucratic form has this to say: 

Loud Commercials. The FCC does not regulate the volume of broadcast programming, including commercials. Surveys and technical studies reveal that the perceived loudness of particular broadcast matter is a subjective judgment that varies with each viewer and listener and is influenced by many factors, such as the material’s content and style and the voice and tone of the person speaking. The FCC has found no evidence that stations deliberately raise audio and modulation levels to emphasize commercial messages.

Manually controlling the set’s volume level or using the “mute” button with a remote control constitutes the simplest approach to reducing volume levels deemed to be excessive. Many television receivers are equipped with circuits that are designed to stabilize the loudness between programs and commercials. These functions usually must be activated through the receiver’s “set up/audio” menu. Should these techniques fail to resolve the problem, you may consider addressing any complaint about broadcast volume levels to the licensee of the station involved. Additional information about loud commercials can be found at
Talk about Noise!
Have there been any criminal assualt charges placed against the tv stations for bombarding us with those unwanted sound waves?  Maybe there should be.  Somehow there has to be some relief!